Small holes

If you've ever had a hole in your drywall, you know how difficult it is to repair. And there are as many "best practices" for repairing a hole in a drywall as there are holes and each of them claims to be the best. 

RK PLASTERPLUG really is the perfect solution. It is completely new and unique way to repair a drywall. And the best part is: your wall will be as good as new. You won't have any filler bumps or wires sticking out. You will even be able to insert a screw to that very same spot to hang a painting or a picture.

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How to fix a wall with RK Plasterplug

1. Identify the problem There's a hole in my wall.
2. Drill the hole Use a cup drill to drill the hole to a round shape. Select the correct plug size.
3. Sand Sand the surroundings of the hole to make the surface even.
4. Measure Measure the hole and decide which size and length of plug you need. If using the smaller plugs (12mm or 18mm) you can cut the plug by hand to a shorter length. Otherwise it'll stick out of your wall.
5. Add filler Add filler to the grooves of the plug. We recommend you use RK Total Fill as it's virtually non-shrinking and thus the best match for our plugs.
6. Insert the plug Press the plug into the hole. Make sure you insert the plug with the narrower end first and slightly below the surface of the wall.
7. Spread the filler Spread the filler evenly on the surface.
8. Wait Allow the filler to dry 1-5 hours, depending on the amount of filler you've used. Check the packaging of the filler for specific drying times.
9. Sand Sand the surface to make it even.
10. Paint Paint the wall with the color of your choosing.
11. Done! Congratulations! You've successfully repaired your wall.